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The following books can be a great benefit to those who wish to learn more about the area. We have included a fly fishing and entomology selection also. Clients have asked for our recommendation on books to help improve their skills. We hope this helps.



Field Guides:

  • "The National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds" and "The National Audobon Society Field Guide to Wildflowers" (Never without these two)
  • "Trout Flies and Flowers" by Ivan Mahoney (An interesting book about the connection between plant life and hatches)
  • "The Kennebec River: A Guide for Paddlers and Friends" by Kennebec Valley Trails, Inc. (The best guidebook available for the Kennebec River; lots of information here)


Fly Fishing Skills:

  • "The Curtis Creek Manifesto" by Sheridan Anderson (The beginner's bible)
  • "Nymphing Techniques" by Larry Tullis (A great nymphing book)
  • "Prospecting for Trout" by Tom Rosenborough (Simple approach)
  • "Essential Trout Flies" by Dave Hughes (Travel anywhere there are trout and these are all you need.)
  • "Fishing Small Flies" by Ed Engle (Coming for the baetis hatch in the fall? Do yourself a favor and read this book twice.)



  • "Hatch Guide for New England" by Thomas Ames, Jr. (There is more information in this small guide book pertaining to eastern waters than any other out there. An absolute must.)
  • "Guide to Aquatic Trout Foods" by Dave Whitlock (Another good resource)
  • "Aquatic Entomology" by W. Patrick MacCafferty (An in-depth book on a multitude of aquatic insects)